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Amigos Spanish School offers Spanish immersion sessions for all ages and all language levels. If you would like to learn or maintain your Spanish, you’re at the right place!


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“Speak to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head. Speak to them in their own language and that goes to their heart.”

Nelson Mandela


Bilingual immersion

Our classes immerse children in the language while participating in activities. These are tailored to the different age groups and seek to engage children with the activities while being immersed in the language. This results in fun, child lead lessons, that allow children to have a feeling of self efficacy, which will contribute to their self confidence as they acquire the language.

Professional Delivery

Our teachers are professional and experienced, but also dedicated learners. We ensure that continuous professional learning is completed to guarantee excellent lesson with the best outcomes.

Life Long Learning

Being able to speak two languages is a lot more than that. Recruiters nowadays look for skills that are a consequence of bilingualism: empathy, thinking outside the box, attention to detail, flexibility, compassion, and a long list of other so called soft skills that are nothing less than crucial for success in life.

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About Us

The ACT Hispanic Parents and Citizens Association incorporated is a non-for-profit organisation run by volunteers focusing on and supporting the Spanish language in the ACT.


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